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with Funky Elephant trunks!

Every month your child will receive a trunk full of interesting projects to complete! Watch them get creative and learn through craft, activities, role play and fun projects! Subscribe today! It's a great time to join our herd!

Fun Activities that will Get Your Kids Thinking Out-Of-The-Box!

If your kids first resort for entertainment is the TV or their latest technology trap, you might find yourself getting a little frustrated trying to change their focus or keep them occupied with healthy, educational activities.

Relax, you’re not the only one! Let’s face facts. Kids are active (sigh). Sound familiar? Unless you want to buy every toy, book or craft activity in town –which can be both expensive and time-consuming, you should explore other options. 

Funky Elephant will home-deliver a trunk full of creative, fun and exciting activities personally to your child or gift-recipient, every month. Each trunk contains not one but at least three or more projects that will keep your child inspired, happy and stimulated for days and even weeks.

Now that’s definitely a reason to trumpet about!

What people are saying...

  • "Thanks for the great gift ideas and fun.  She had a ball with all the kits last year." - S.Hose
  • It is well thought out and presented. It is eye catching and I like the variety of arts and crafts to choose from. Funky Elephant trunks assist with fine and gross motor skills, with literacy and narrative development, used in imagination and social skills and inquiry skills - the did you know section is a great starting point". - K.Mitchell (Special Needs EA)
  • "Addresses developmental areas such as language skills, mathematical and imagination. Social interaction between child/children and family members (social interaction can not be understated). Eye/hand motor control and are skills encouraged". - B. Meldrum (Speach Language Therapist)
  • "M loves crafts! Funky Elephant eases the pressure of, "ïdea hunting" for me. It is a great gift for a child who has everything!" - M. Cubeddu
  • "Great value for money, especially for 2 kids. Very reasonable. It's a great gift idea! Love the thought of how excited the girls would be each month waiting for their delivery." - D. Wynne

  • "Thanks so much for the recent Funky Trunk, S had a great time creating the projects and finished off tonight by making us tickets and giving a circus show (repeating the same joke 4 times!) Fantastic holiday fun, thanks again."  smileA. Yenson

  • "What a magnificent product! So carefully thought through, so beautifully presented, such quality of materials.... My boys love it!" - E. Linehan



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